August 17, 2007

Sacheverall Tomb, c1590

Sacheverell tombs (detail), originally uploaded by Simon_K.

I believe this to be the tomb of Henrie and Jane Sacheverell, c.1590, the sides of the tomb are decorated with figures, shields and strapwork, and it is surmounted by 2 recumbant figures, he in the attire of a knight.

Holy Trinity, Ratcliffe on Soar, Nottinghamshire

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Anonymous said...

This is the tomb of Henry Sacheverall showing the three wives. Henry died 1625 but the first wife died 1606, the second 1616 and the third Lucy 1690. The tomb is believed to be built 1626 by Chellaston Derbys carvers. I am wishing to know more about the ladies costumes. Any comments would be welcome.
Ray State local historian