March 26, 2007

Sir Thomas Kytson, c. 1608

This monument c.1608 houses Sir Thomas Kytson and his two wives. His first wife died and he re-married but he lies between effigies of them both!

Monument in Hengrave church.


Sew-in-Love said...

Oh, you'd LOVE one of my fave stately homes here in northern England - Hardwick Hall, late 16C. Next time I'm there, I'll try and get some pix you'll be interested and let you have copies.=) Trouble is, they dont usually allow photography inside, but there is SO much of the lady who had it built's own needlework on display. She was one of Mary Queen of Scots' 'jailers' and they used to stitch together! Look the place up on-line and be sure to visit if you're ever in Derbyshire.

Elisabeth, Yorkshire=)

Laren said...


Yep, Hardwick Hall is one place anyone interested in historical embroidery would love to visit.

There was a recent National Trust series that did an episode on Hardwick Hall, I need to track a copy down.