February 9, 2007

Lady Jane Lumley, 1590

CheamLumley 013, originally uploaded by sarumsleuth.

Jane, Lady Lumley, d 1577, monument of 1590

Lumley Chapel, St Dunstan, Cheam, Surrey


Kimiko said...

This is rather different, with gold enhanced parts, and the back looking like it is blowing with a stiff breeze. Thanks for sharing this one, as I would like to add it to my French hood collection, with credits of course.

So, do you think this garment is in the style of the 1590s, late 1580s, or closer to 1600s?

kimiko said...

Ooops, that was silly, I meant a decade earlier than I said. late 1570s, 80s or close to 1590?

Laren said...


Even though the monument is from a later date, I think the clothes are probably late 1570's/early 1580's.

As far as using the image, it's not mine, so I can't give permission. If you want to ask the owner, just click on the highlighted name under the image, "originally uploaded by sarumsleuth".

If you ask, most people will let you use the image or embed the image in your website using the Flickr code (that way you are using the original on Flickr, rather than copying it to your server).

Also, don't forget you can click on the image and get much larger sizes of the image, better for checking detail.